ArteconNoi offers

  • guided visits in Brescia and its province for schools and adults: the city, lake Garda, lake Iseo, Franciacorta, Valcamonica, Sirmione …
  • service for culture and tourism;
  • educational creative workshops for children;
  • events and cultural trips;
  • conferences and courses.

Who we are

ArteconNoi is a company that offers art services for art and cultural tourism. Founded in Brescia in May 2012, all its partners have graduated in the History of Art and are tour leaders and licensed tourist guides for the province of Brescia. The company offers guided visits for both adults and schools, art workshops for children, cultural events and trips for large and small groups, as well as conferences and courses for adults.


Brescia and its vast territory are the focus of both traditional and unconventional excursions to discover their beauty.


Art workshops are dedicated to children whose fantasy and creativity let them discover art while enjoying exploring different techniques and materials.

Mariaclaudia Biasca

Joanna Karczewska

Ilaria Mirani

Cinzia Pasini

Guided Tours

ArteconNoi offers itineraries in the city of Brescia and its province. You can choose a traditional visit or a service that is customised to suit you.

Brescia, city of industry, of iron rods, arms and large financial companies. A town that everyone claims to know while many are actually unaware of its real heritage: the Santa Giulia Museum, a beautiful historic building that houses many precious treasures; the squares that narrate the events that made the city great; the alleyways and streets, the tree-lined avenues.


Outside the city’s walls there is a vast area to explore: the lakes with their limpid waters and fascinating fortresses; the valleys, the strength and source of work for the area; the islands, Montisola: the biggest inhabited lake island in Europe; the mountains, thermal spas and mines: a land of a thousand colours and a thousand flavours… and of many poets: Virgilio, Alessandro Manzoni, Gabiele d’Annunzio, Angelo Canossi, Ugo Foscolo, Stendhal and many others, just waiting to be discovered.

Rates for Guided Tours in Brescia and province 2022 


Up to 25 people for group:

  • about 2 hours euro 80,00
  • 4,5 consecutive hours with 1 hour break euro 145,00
  • 2 hours in the morning + 2 hours in the afternoon euro 150,00

Up to 3 hours:

  • up to 30 students group € 120,00
  • group from 31 to 40 students € 130,00
  • group from 41 to 55 students € 140,00

Full day about 3+2 hours:

  • up to 30 students group € 200,00
  • group from 31 to 40 students € 210,00
  • group from 41 to 55 students € 220,00


About 2 hours 4 people maximun euro 80,00
About 2 hours 24 people group maximum euro 110,00

Up to 3 hours:

  • up to 30 people group € 130,00
  • group from 31 to 40 people € 150,00
  • group from 41 to 55 people € 170,00

Full day about 3+2 hours:

  • up to 30 people group € 230,00
  • group from 31 to 40 people € 250,00
  • group from 41 to 55 people € 270,00

Additional foreign languages

  • Spanish 20 euro
  • English 30 euro
  • French 40 euro
  • German or other foreign languages 50 euro


Rates do not include any entrance tickets to museums, exhibitions or archaeological sites


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