Brescia – City and Museum

CapitoliumBrescia is the second most important town in Lombardy and the capital of a province. It has become one of the most industrialised areas in Italy but it also offers many artistic treasures.

Brescia lies at the foot of the Cidneo hill, from the top of which the Castle dominates the city. It is an impressive fortified complex with an important park area where you can take a stroll and admire signs of various periods of domination of the town. From the top of the hill there is an incredible view over the city and its beautiful squares which still conserve the vestiges of time. The ancient Roman square and its ruins of the Capitolium and the Roman Theatre; the Ancient Duomo, the Romanesque cathedral and Broletto overlooking medieval Piazza Paolo VI, Piazza Loggia, with marvellous examples of renaissance architecture such as Palazzo della Loggia, the town hall, two Mounts of Piety and an astronomical clock. And last but not least, Piazza Vittoria, a linear and rigorous example of construction dating back to the fascist period.

vittoria alata

The City Museum, added to the Unesco World Heritage List in 2011, is particularly worth a visit. An amazing complex which was once a Benedictine monastery and still conserves its religious architectural aspect. It was built on the ruins of Roman houses and their mosaics and frescos, brought to light by archaeologists, can now be admired by tourists. Of course, there is no lack of extraordinary art objects conserved within, such as the Roman bronze sculpture of the Winged Victory or Desiderius’ Cross, a medieval processional cross.

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