Guided Tours

Veduta aerea compl S Giulia

ArteconNoi offers itineraries in the city of Brescia and its province. You can choose a traditional visit or a service that is customised to suit you.

Brescia, city of industry, of iron rods, arms and large financial companies. A town that everyone claims to know while many are actually unaware of its real heritage: the Santa Giulia Museum, a beautiful historic building that houses many precious treasures; the squares that narrate the events that made the city great; the alleyways and streets, the tree-lined avenues.


Outside the city’s walls there is a vast area to explore: the lakes with their limpid waters and fascinating fortresses; the valleys, the strength and source of work for the area; the islands, Montisola: the biggest inhabited lake island in Europe; the mountains, thermal spas and mines: a land of a thousand colours and a thousand flavours… and of many poets: Virgilio, Alessandro Manzoni, Gabiele d’Annunzio, Angelo Canossi, Ugo Foscolo, Stendhal and many others, just waiting to be discovered.